Hummus Me Up!

dscn2353Let me introduce you to some divine dishes of goodness from The Hummus Club, a recent addition to the restaurant scene in my home city of Perth devoted to serving up delicious Middle Eastern cuisine.

Tonight marked my third visit in a month so it’s safe to say I’m quite a fan. I was all ready to order when the waitress came around to ask if my mum and I needed help with the menu. Might as well get straight to business!

One of the things that won me over on my first visit was the cocktail I had. I am not a gin drinker at all but the combination of gin, almond, ginger beer and orange blossom which constituted ‘A Day in Beirut’ piqued my interest enough to try it. Didn’t that turn out to be the best decision I ever made! It’s the most textured cocktail I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking- an enthralling mix of smoky sweetness which keeps me coming back for more.

There are four hummus dishes you can choose from- plain hummus or hummus with beef, chicken or mushroom, all served with pita. I’d tried the beef and the chicken on my previous visits, and chose the beef again this time. An accompaniment of crunchy pita crisps and popping pomegranates add another layer of enjoyment to an already delectable dish.

The rest of the menu is made up of a range of share plates. Previously, I’ve tried the zaatar fried chicken, lamb kefta, beef kibbeh and batata. Having the batata again was a given- I mean, who can go past crunchy potatoes- but this time I opted to try the falafels, which were zhuzhed up with tahini, pickles and coriander.

All in all, it was a top-notch meal that left both Mum and I feeling as though we may need to be escorted out of the restaurant in a wheelbarrow. Sadly, there was no room for dessert but I’m consoled with the knowledge that I’ll be visiting a fourth time to try the brownie and doughnuts.

There was definitely need for a walk though. We decided to go down to the Esplanade and take a sunset stroll along the Swan River. We kept walking until we hit Elizabeth Quay, a development project undertaken by the West Australian government at the start of the decade in a bid to spice up the Perth waterfront. Despite the quay officially being opened at the end of January last year, I had not ventured out to visit it until today.

It was a very pleasant walk which not only eased our sensation of being seriously stuffed but also reminded me that there’s a lot to explore in my own city. I look forward to returning to photograph Elizabeth Quay- after another serve of hummus, of course!