The Day I’ve Been Waiting For

It’s amazing how quickly the utter exhaustion I felt after a 20 hour bus ride from Louisiana, through Arkansas, and into Oklahoma (followed by a one hour wait for a taxi and a two hour wait for my hotel room) dissipated once I attended the storm chasing tour meeting that brought me to Oklahoma.

This is the day I’ve been waiting for since I first booked the tour, over a year ago. But it’s a day I’ve been dreaming about for many, many years. Ever since I was eight years old and I bought a book about storms from the school book club, I have been fascinated by wild weather.

Understandably, not many people back home have understood the appeal of chasing storms in Tornado Alley, so it was nice to meet my tour group and find there are like-minded storm enthusiasts out there in the world, who are as mad as I am!

We were asked about what we are most excited for during our week long tour chasing storms across the great plains of America. My answer? Everything. I’m looking forward to learning more about the science behind weather forecasting. I’m excited to drive through the open plains and view those vast landscapes. I can’t wait to take photos of stunning storm-filled skies.

Of course, it would be absolutely awesome to see a tornado. But I know I’ll be more than happy just to witness the incredible supercell thunderstorms that produce them. We just don’t get cloud action like that in Perth.

So without further ado, I’m signing off. It’s time to go storm chasing, baby!!!

Canyon Country Awaits


This year will be the first time I visit mainland America. It’s been difficult deciding how I’m going to spend my six weeks while over there because, as I’ve come to realise while doing my holiday research, the United States is such a vast country with so much to see and do. My storm chasing tour which I booked last year is obviously a given- it’s my whole reason for going to the States in the first place. But it’s only a week long tour, which still left me with five weeks to plan for.

When I got back from Nepal at the end of October 2016, I had no more travel plans for the year so organising my America trip became my focus. Originally, I was thinking of doing a two month circle tour with Trek America after my storm chasing tour finished up, in order to see as much of the US as possible. However, my youngest brother is turning 18 this year and I want to be home for his birthday so I decided against it, as going on such a long tour would’ve meant missing his 18th. I was also conscious of the financial cost of such a long tour. Considering I don’t work full time and I still have lots of travel plans for the latter half of the year, spending an additional ten grand on top of my storm chasing tour seemed excessive.

While I was pondering these money matters in early November, some very cheap flights to the US opened up- $922 return from Perth to San Francisco, flying Singapore Airlines. It was an amazing deal, too good to pass up, and I wanted those flights! It was just the motivation I needed to at least figure out a time frame for my trip, even if I didn’t quite know the details of what I’d be doing yet.

I accepted the reality that I wouldn’t be able to ‘see it all’ this time around and decided I’d focus on exploring the southern states of America. I contemplated just doing my own thing but realised I still wanted to do some sort of tour so I could meet new people. There were a couple of shorter tours that still fit within the six week stint I’d now settled upon and my interest was piqued by the Southern Cross Country tour offered by G Adventures, a 23 day road trip from New York to San Fran.

It wasn’t until Christmas time, when the mum of a student I’d taught a couple of years ago posted a spectacular photo of the Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona which she was visiting with her family, that I realised why I kept umm’ing and ahh’ing about booking the Southern Cross Country tour.

There’s no doubt the United States has some amazing cities and there’s certainly a few I want to visit. But I’d allowed myself to get blindsided by the typical touristy experiences that are recommended for a first time visitor to the States. Deep down, it’s America’s wildernesses that I most want to see: the rugged plains, the grand national parks, the wide open spaces.

Once I’d had this epiphany, my itinerary seemed to write itself. I would visit the cities I was interested in for a couple of days on my own, in between tours. But my main focus would be exploring and wandering through the natural landscapes that speak to my heart.

Now my second tour is finally booked! On the 19th of May, I’ll be starting the Canyon Country and Coasts tour, a 16 day adventure in America’s south-west run by G Adventures. I’ve gone from a tour encompassing 30 states around America to one that will only venture to four of them but I know that my experiences will be no less richer for it.