My Top 10 Travel Memories of 2016: #10


Number 10: Eating a pack of Zumbo macarons for lunch

There’s something you should probably know about me. I love food. I love eating food, I love cooking food, I love looking at pictures of food, I love reading about food. I think you get the point!

One of my favourite things about travelling is experiencing the food and seeing how it influences cultures around the world. After all, pretty much anywhere you go, you can safely bet on food bringing people together.

At the beginning of June, my youngest brother and I visited Sydney for five days, specifically to sample some of the sweet treats at a number of cafes and dessert bars which we do not have in our hometown of Perth.

My favourite foodie memory of this trip was the macaron lunch we had on our first day. On the streets, it was a rather dreary afternoon. Not so at the Zumbo store in the Queen Victoria Building, where every colour of the rainbow was represented by a range of decadent desserts, tempting us from behind the display cabinet.

We bought a 12 pack of assorted macarons and took them back to our hotel, where we cut the macarons in half so that we could both try every flavour. Since we could not remember all the flavours we’d purchased, we had great fun guessing and making up our own descriptions for some of the less obvious flavours (chicken sushi / Chinese takeaway perhaps?), as well as rating the yumminess of each macaron. Each bite was savoured and our taste buds were certainly well treated.

In a year filled with some pretty epic experiences, I treasure the simplicity of chilling out with my bro and sharing a sugary lunch sitting on the floor of our hotel room. We’re classy like that.